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Wipedown-Friendly Capacitive Keypad - Bosch B921C

Ari Erenthal November 30, 2020 15:01 PM

Bosch B921C Capacitive Keypad thumbnail 2

Facility managers and security professionals are seeking ways to keep their employees safe at work. The wipedown-friendly Bosch B921C is a capacitive intrusion detection system keypad that is wipedown-friendly. 

If you use a keypad with mechanical keys rather than capacitive, you run the risk of cleaning agents, particularly those sprayed on, getting between the cover and the buttons, potentially causing damage to the keypad.

In the video below, Ari and Katie discuss and demonstrate the B921C wipedown capability.

The B921C keypad is an SDI2 bus compatible device. With a smooth, sleek surface, the keypad is easy to clean, and fits with any modern decor. The keypad has user adjustable options such as volume and brightness. The keypad has three programmable emergency keys, and
four inputs. The keypad also shows two-line system messages for all areas.

Compatible panels:


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Bosch B921C Capacitive Keypad


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