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Winsted Design of the Month: Conference Table and 2-Operator Sit/Stand

Matt Golueke January 28, 2022 3:23 AM

Winsted Design of the Month 1-2022 image

Security and operations room staff are able to work more effectively when the console they are working at is designed for ergonomic optimization. Likewise, when having a meeting, the proper chairs and table are a must to maximize productivity and comfort.

Our team was asked to design a dual operator sit/stand command console as well as a conference table for the same facility. A Corian countertop was selected for both for optimal durability. Customization was added to the console in the form of the organization's logo.

The placement of the entrance door to the room and the size of the console required a dynamic design process between the owner, system integrator, Winsted, and our team. After several iterations of the design, a final solution was decided upon. The final solution was a custom conference room table and a modified Ascend series operator console.


Operator Console Drawings


Conference Table Drawings


Custom Graphics Brochure


Worksurface Options Brochure


Topics: command center, winsted, Operator Console

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