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NEW RESOURCE: Video Tutorials for Video Analytics

Matt Golueke April 29, 2019 15:22 PM

You may remember our post below from a few weeks ago highlighting a new resource to help demonstrate specific video analytics rules. Now, Bosch has released a new series of tutorial videos on the same topic. Check them out here:

New Bosch Videos


Analytics ppt p1

A single resource where you can watch multiple sample videos of high-performance, camera-based video analytics is now at your fingertips. 

  • End Users and Specifiers: fully understand the alerts possible, built inside of nearly every Bosch camera
  • Security Dealers: provide your customer with a comprehensive video analytics capabilities presentation

Here's just one example where a security camera, now a detector, can alert security officials that a person is approaching and breaching a secure facility:

Security professionals can watch more examples of video analytics that can detect specific behaviors:

Analytics ppt p5

Analytics ppt p6

Analytics ppt p7

Analytics ppt p8


These behavior alert rules can also be applied to video that has been previously recorded, making post-incident investigation faster. Bosch calls this capability Forensic Search.


IVA paragraph


EVA paragraph


Download the video examples here:

Analytics Videos Guide cover


Contact our team for a personal video analytics webinar or system design here

















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