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    Time for a security camera technology knowledge boost? These experts will give you a few great pointers from AI to gun detection to traffic safety and more...

    Matt Golueke November 22, 2023 15:18 PM

    If you were unable to attend the Security Technology Forum last month to meet the subject matter experts in person, be sure to check out these two recorded panel discussions: one from the Forum and one from the Bosch Breakfast Session: AI from Edge...

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    11 Panel Discussions and Technology Presentations from the 2023 Security Technology Forum

    Matt Golueke November 22, 2023 15:38 PM

    If you are like most busy people, you weren't able to get away from the office for two days to attend the Security Technology Forum held annually near Washington, D.C. and network with nearly 200 security industry professionals at the annual event....

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    Intrusion Detection Solutions for Government and Enterprise Applications

    Matt Golueke November 9, 2023 22:17 PM

    Wondering how you can use Bosch intrusion detection systems to best secure your critical or enterprise facility? Wondering about UL 2050 compliance and the UL 2610 compliant components you need to use in your intrusion detection systems? Wondering...

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    Bosch Audio Solutions for Emergency Voice Communication

    Matt Golueke November 9, 2023 21:06 PM

    From IP speakers to integrated portable radios and evacuation messages, when it comes to occupant notification in the event of emergencies, having clear information broadcast inside and outside of your building assists in getting occupants to...

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    Fiber Optic Infrastructure Considerations for Video Sensors

    Matt Golueke November 8, 2023 19:09 PM

    This informative technical panel discussion about camera cabling and connectivity will explore fiber optic connectivity as a strategic aspect of your infrastructure when it comes to connecting security cameras and sensors to your network. Watch as...

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    Securing request to exit detectors through sequential logic

    Matt Golueke October 27, 2023 18:43 PM

    Securing REX detectors is critically important when it comes to designing access control systems to ensure the integrity of a high security space. Sequential logic can be implemented to enhance the security of these detectors.

    By employing...

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    Feature Presentation: AI, Cybersecurity, and the Future of Physical Security

    Matt Golueke October 25, 2023 6:38 AM

    This is a must-see presentation if you want to know more about AI and the impact it will have on physical security. Develop physical security system specifications and make process and purchasing decisions based on the actionable knowledge gained in...

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    PREMIER PANEL DISCUSSION: Convergence of IT, Physical Security, and Cybersecurity

    Matt Golueke October 25, 2023 6:38 AM

    The recording of this Premier Panel Discussion from the 2023 Security Technology Forum featuring Ken Kurz from COPT Defense Properties and Marcie Nagel from Avint LLC, moderated by Tasha Cornish from the Cybersecurity Association of Maryland (CAMI)...

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    PANEL DISCUSSION: Understanding the Lifecycle of Building and Maintaining a Resilient SOC

    Matt Golueke October 24, 2023 18:32 PM

    Integrating the various technologies in your security control room can be a challenge. In this recorded panel discussion, join Shawn Brady from Winsted Control Room Consoles, Rob Schlegel, PSP® from Vistacom Control Room Solutions, Pat Sweeney from...

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    PREMIER PANEL DISCUSSION: New Technology Implementations versus Reality & Processes

    Matt Golueke October 24, 2023 18:36 PM

    What an honor it was to host this enterprise-class security end user panel discussion featuring Colby Meshey and Aldrich Camat from the Pentagon Force Protection Agency (PFPA) and Charlie Guddemi, the District of Columbia’s Homeland Security and...

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