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Thermal Imaging Explained

Shaun Meehan February 16, 2017 15:09 PM


Thermal imaging is becoming more popular for security applications.

Thermal cameras equipped with video analytics provide a spectacular level of detection. This is because the limitation of visible cameras isn't applicable to thermal cameras. Once a detection is made, then it's time to go to the visual cameras and investigate the findings of the thermal alarm trigger and evaluate if a reaction to a possible threat is in order.

Below is an interesting technical explanation of thermal imaging. Far below are a few more videos about thermal imaging as well as resources for security professionals seeking ultimate detection capabilities. Enjoy!

Comparison videos between visible and thermal security cameras:


Bosch VOT-320 Fixed Thermal Camera details

Bosch VOT-320 Thermal.jpg 


Bosch MIC-612 Pan-Tilt-Zoom Thermal Camera details

Bosch MIC 612 thermal.jpg



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