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Smart Intrusion Alarm Panels Can Text You . . .Without an Additional Monthly Fee!

Alex Caesar January 23, 2015 0:46 AM

receive_text_messagesText messaging via IP communication: you don’t need a cellular communicator to get texts from your intrusion alarm panel.

No cellular communicator = no additional monthly fees!

Intrusion alarm system owners and users can get an immediate text message notification from their alarm panel if something is wrong or if there is technical trouble within the system. This is done by communicating over an Internet connection rather than over a cellular or dial-up telephone line connection

A central station is often notified when a "trouble condition" is reported. This may initiate a dispatch of the local authorities. Nuisance alarms are not only inconvenient, they also cause an overall slowdown of emergency responses due to call volume. This often causes call triaging and a delayed response to most automatic alarm dispatches.

If the text alert is programmed to go to the end user, the owner or user can qualify if this is a false or nuisance alarm. If there is a confirmed danger or intrusion, then a proper response by local authorities will occur.

By utilizing existing Internet service at the business or residence, owners can leverage already existing service without having to add additional fees for secondary alarm communication methods.

keypad_with_RJ45_smallIT friendly? If the intrusion alarm is part of a larger network, the IT department can determine who receives the alerts. IT can set up alerts for both staff and public safety to ensure a proper response based on policies and procedures of the facility. Also, it is directly tied to the IT network. This gives IT full control of the system and knowledge of where all network traffic is originating and terminating. 

Industry standard feature and benefit? While some companies have to go through a third party server to get condition notifications, others, like Bosch, have a direct connection to the intrusion alarm panel. This eliminates third party, fee-based services and allows for additional security encryption.

In the "Bosch security world", the B-Series and the G-Series provide ease of use for owners, administrators, and users.  Take a closer look at how "wallet and IT friendly" Bosch alarm panels are.

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