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Security System Integration & ONVIF Part 2 : ONVIF Standardization

Matt Golueke December 26, 2017 15:35 PM

Security System Integration & ONVIF

Integrated systems from a single manufacturer may be appropriate for many applications, however sometimes devices and systems from two or more manufacturers may be desired in order to provide unique features, performance, and benefits.

Part 2: ONVIF Standardization

Steve Pennington and Brad Eck, Bosch, North America Integration Manager, continue their integration discussion by moving into the benefits, advantages, and a few shortcomings of using ONVIF as a means to achieve a streamlined integration of video systems, access control, and more.

Part 1: Integration Applications and Benefits

Steve and Brad open the 2-Part discussion with an overview of what integrationmeans and how it can be used to simplify security operations. Watch Part 1: Integration Applications and Benefits here...

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