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Security System Integration & ONVIF Part 1: Integration Applications & Benefits

December 22, 2017

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integration_image.pngSecurity system integration simplifies user operation, especially during an emergency.

While the goal is user simplicity, integration of the systems can be quite complex. Seeking advice from trusted advisers is critical.

Security System Integration & ONVIF

Integrated systems from a single manufacturer may be appropriate for many applications, however sometimes devices and systems from two or more manufacturers may be desired in order to provide unique features, performance, and benefits.

Part 1: Integration Applications & Benefits

To better understand the desire to integrate disparate systems, Steve Pennington sat down with Brad Eck, Bosch, North America Integration Manager, to discuss what security professionals expect from modern security solutions, large or small, and how integration improves interoperability and simplifies security operations.

Part 2: ONVIF Standardization

Steve and Brad dig deeper into the ONVIF standards, also known as Profiles, to explore how ONVIF standardizes communication between security devices. They also talk about how ONVIF will expand beyond security to potentially include Internet of Things and beyond. Watch Part 2: ONVIF Standardization here...

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