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Security & Reception Double Duty - Winsted Design of the Month

Matt Golueke September 30, 2020 11:30 AM

E-SOC for reception and security-1

There's a variety of reasons to post security at a reception area. Today, reducing staff exposure and maximizing efficiency are top of mind as facilities do their best to get open and stay open for employees, visitors, and contractors.

This month, our team was tasked with creating a dual-purpose reception desk and security console. While some design requests come with strict dimension and layout requirements, this project left the design team to create a unique and customized solution.

With a budget in mind, the design team was given the additional criteria that the console/desk furniture would be constructed of Corian. Two additional criteria were that there needed to be an aesthetically pleasing reception-height area for visitors to walk up to as well as the ability to support four 55" monitors to view multiple camera feeds from around the facility.

Custom lighting installed under the reception surface makes tasks easier to complete for the two operators seated behind the console. It will also house three PC workstations in the base that will drive the monitors for access control, video surveillance, and other software. There is also a need to mount two 24" monitors behind the reception walk-up portion of the desk.

The MidChes team in conjunction with Winsted's custom division developed a unique and functional E-SOC design for the integrator's end user customer. The package delivered to the client included two color renderings, four dimensional diagrams, as well as a complete bill of materials and supporting E-SOC documentation.


Project Renderings (click for full-size)

E-SOC Rendering 1   E-SOC Rendering 2


Project Drawings (click for full-size)

E-SOC 1   E-SOC 2   E-SOC 3   E-SOC 4


Project Resources

Worksurface comparison:                       E-SOC brochure:

Winsted Worksurface Comparison Chart leaflet image                       Winsted E-SOC Brochure booklet image


Design ideas:                                            DIY design software (WELS):

Winsted catalog online computer screen image                         Wels-Top-Photos


Winsted Divisions

Winsted is the worldwide leader in command and control room consoles, desks, and furniture for 24/7 mission-critical applications. Since 1963, they have been engineering product designs that consider both the application and the user. They offer the industry’s most flexible range of ergonomic sit/stand continuous use technical desks and furniture to reduce fatigue and promote productivity, while meeting ISO and OSHA ergonomic guidelines.

As a leading manufacturer of custom control room solutions, Winsted specializes in design, development fabrication and installation of any custom workstation consoles for complex technical environments. Winsted's custom control room solutions are found in power plants, military command centers and communication centers globally. This experience taught them to consider countless intricate details when creating the ideal control room.

Visit Winsted's Custom Division Website for more information on specialized work.


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