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Recently Recorded Tech Talks and Webinars

Matt Golueke June 25, 2020 17:28 PM

Recorded Tech Talks and Webinars image

Below is a list of recorded webinars and Tech Talks:



Bosch MIC Series ruggedized PTZ Cameras

Watch the recording here >>






Introducing Access Management System 3.0

Access control is an essential component of building security, and today's market wants systems that are easy to set up and use. Get a preview of the upcoming release of Access Management System 3.0, the new access control platform from Bosch that is simple, scalable, and always available.

Watch the recording here >>



Easy Connectivity with Bosch Remote Portal

Remote Portal, Bosch's cloud-based solution, offers secure remote access to customer devices. Historically, programmers have connected via VPN to use Configuration Manager installed on a server at the customer site to set up recording. With Bosch’s recent integration of Configuration Manager to Remote Portal, this configuration can be done directly, even without VPN access.

Watch the recording here >>



Perimeter Detection Strategies by Southwest Microwave

  • Establishing a Threat Definition
  • Assessing Site Characteristics
  • Perimeter Detection technology
  • Total Cost of Ownership

Watch the recording here >>



Bosch FLEXIDOME IP 3000i and 8000i camera series

Our overseas Bosch colleague, Anders Karlsson, delivered an excellent 30-minute webinar on Bosch IP cameras including the FLEXIDOME 3000i and 8000i. Anders and his team demonstrate and discuss:

  • Video analytics
  • Data security
  • Resolution
  • Mounting options
  • PTRZ
  • Commissioning
  • Remote Portal
  • SD card edge recording

Watch the recording here >> 



Perimeter Security - A Layered Approach to High-level Security

Perimeter security solutions can play a key role in your strategy to secure critical assets. A combination of Bosch IP moving, fixed, low-light, and thermal cameras offer a range of analytic functions for perimeter protection, including line crossing, object left behind, loitering, and more.

Watch the recording here >>



Retail Security Solutions for the Five Zones of Influence

Discover how Bosch Retail Security solutions can address the five unique areas of the retail environment identified by the Loss Prevention Research Council (LPRC) as Zones of Influence.

Watch the recording here  >>



Bosch remote portal imageLeverage Remote Portal to manage your Bosch cameras

Learn how the free features of Remote Portal simplify remote programming, management, and viewing of your Bosch cameras. This secure cloud-based service offers off-site connectivity, health monitoring, and firmware management to all of your Bosch cameras, remotely.

Watch the recording here >>



thumbinteoxINTEOX, a new camera platform designed to modernize the security and safety industry

The first fully open platform of its kind, INTEOX gives users, system integrators, and application developers unlimited freedom for innovation and customization. Learn about the platform and how to add software apps and securely deploy them into INTEOX cameras.

Watch the recording here >>



Camera Trainer image

Built-in machine learning to train the camera

Camera Trainer, based on machine learning technology, allows you to tailor built-in Video Analytics to detect objects or situations that matter most. Join us for a roundtable discussion on Camera Trainer and how to use it in various applications such as parking management, railway crossing safety, and early flood detection.

Watch the recording here >>


Detectors that Guard your Time, Money and Reputation

BL2 Detector No Background
  • Bosch motion detectors deliver exceptional catch performance, fewer false alarms, and faster installation time for a low total cost of ownership.
  • Watch the recording Here >>



Intelligent Video Analytics at the Edge

  • Take the next step in video security with cameras that incorporate built-in intelligence with machine learning capabilities delivering smart data to improve safety, increase efficiency, and reduce costs.
  • Watch the Recording Here >>



Bosch's New IP 3000i Portfolio of Cameras

  • An introduction into the new 3000i family of cameras and the ability to extend smart video security into general surveillance applications such as retail, commercial, healthcare and education.
  • Watch the Recording Here >>


FLEXIDOME 8000i square demo image

Simplifying Installations using Fixed PTRZ Cameras

  • Discover the hidden potential behind the FLEXIDOME IP starlight 8000i and its ability to change the installation and commissioning of a project.
  • Watch the Recording Here>>


MIC 900i fusion imageSmart Video Made for Extremes with MIC IP 7100i Series

  • Rugged design meets video analytics ideal for mission critical applications, such as city surveillance, airport perimeters and more.
  • Watch the Recording Here >>


keepingvideosecureKeeping Video Data Secure

  • The security of your surveillance data is just as important as the people and premises you are safeguarding. Bosch’s system approach is the key to achieving the highest standards in end-to-end data security.
  • Watch the Recording Here >>


Video Security Management Unified for Improved SafetyBVMS Tutorial Videos image


alarm_panels_imageIntegrating IP Cameras with Intrusion Systems to Improve Security

  • Learn how connecting IP cameras with video analytics to Bosch B Series and G Series intrusion control panels can provide additional security and functionality for your customers.
  • Watch the Recording Here >>


icymiSelling Intrusion Detection Solutions for Commercial Applications

  • Learn how to lead with intrusion when selling into commercial applications. Includes application solutions in markets such as retail, banking, utilities, schools, government and office buildings.
  • Watch the Recording Here >>


multitouchwebinarglovedemoMulti-Functional Touch Screen Intercom Glove Demonstration

  • Aside from today, when more people than ever are wearing gloves and are trying to use intercom stations, production areas and healthcare settings are just two examples where intercom touch screens must pass the glove test 24/7/365.
  • Watch the Recording Here >>


thumbsymphonyappTenant Entry System by Commend

  • Commercial and residentials multi-tenant properties
  • Programming demonstration
  • Advantages for System Integrators
  • Advantages for Property Managers, Tenants, and Owners
  • April 23, 2020 @ 11am
  • Recording coming soon


Browse a list of upcoming webinars and Tech Talks here >>



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