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Perimeter Security: Solutions for Critical Infrastructure

Matt Golueke June 2, 2020 11:30 AM

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The challenge
Many thousands of customers rely on your facility to supply the energy or utilities they need to power businesses, plants, and infrastructure. If your critical assets are damaged or disabled, this can have a devastating effect on your security and what you can supply. What’s more, any breaches to your assets can also pose a serious risk to health and safety, which could result in an expensive enforced shutdown or worse. Bosch Security solutions have a wide range of advanced detection and security features that help you meet your strategic and compliance objectives. So you’ll have the ultimate peace of mind when it comes to your facility’s perimeter security.

The solution
Legislation to secure critical infrastructure facilities from theft, vandalism or acts of terrorism is becoming increasingly stringent. Guidelines such as the North American Electricity Reliability Corporation Critical Infrastructure Protection (NERC-CIP), or The European
Programme for Critical Infrastructure Protection (EPCIP), set the framework for the security standards required to detect, assess and respond to objects approaching the perimeter of critical assets, with the ultimate aim of safeguarding your energy and utility facilities. Whatever guidelines are applicable to your facility and region, the Bosch portfolio will create a strong perimeter security solution with sophisticated analytics functions that are designed to combat attempts to breach your security. All while integrating seamlessly with other complex systems that protect your facility, such as access control, gunshot detection, or even HVAC.


A layered approach to high-level security

Bosch perimeter security solutions can play a key role in your approach to securing your critical assets – and more. A combination of Bosch IP moving, fixed, low-light, and thermal cameras offer a range of analytic functions for perimeter protection including line crossing, object left behind, loitering, and more. Bosch MIC IP cameras even use an industry leading robust gear design to drive the motors which makes them far better at maintaining and recalibrating an accurate home position than belt-driven alternatives over years of service.

The broad portfolio is particularly suited for this type of application as the cameras work seamlessly together, and integrate into larger systems. Crucially, in remote, unmanned environments that are common for energy and utility sites, the built-in analytics can be configured to ignore wildlife approaching the perimeter. This significantly reduces false alarms, and the time and expense of security operators investigating the problem.


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