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Applying Passwords to IP Cameras

Matt Golueke December 15, 2017 15:46 PM

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Applying passwords to all security related devices is a critical part of preventing unauthorized local access or cyber intrusion. Consider the advice and resources below. If you're not technical, please forward this link to the proper technical resource at your company. They'll be glad you did!

In Bosch Configuration Manager 5.50 (download for Windows here), defaulted devices with firmware version 6.40 will appear with a lock icon. From this state, an IP address can be assigned, but no further configuration can be performed until a password has been applied.

     IP Camera Password Image 1.jpg

To apply an initial password to a defaulted device, highlight the device in  Configuration Manager (download for Windows here). Using the General > Unit Access > Users submenu, enter the desired password. The password must be a minimum of eight characters.

     IP Camera Password Image 2.jpg

After a password has been applied, the device will still appear to be protected. After adding the devices to the My Devices tree in Configuration Manager (download for Windows here), select the General > Unit Access > Device Access menu. Specify the service account and apply the newly-generated password to unlock the device.

     IP Camera Password Image 3.jpg

Bosch Password Quick Lock Down Guide_V4_10_17 cover paperback.png


Bosch’s password technical brief provides easy, step-by-step instructions for increasing the security of an IP camera installation as well for decreasing the devices' visibility during vulnerability scans. This is known as reducing a device's attack surface. 


Take a look at the comprehensive resources and technology built into Bosch IP cameras here:

Cyber Security page image.png

Consider the Bosch Training Academy or MidChes Professional Services for further information, education, and support. 



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