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OpenDuplex for Intercom Stations

Matt Golueke November 2, 2019 20:23 PM


OpenDuplex® technology includes a powerful echo cancellation algorithm to improve speech quality, even in 16 kHz eHD Voice audio quality.


  • OpenDuplex® operation: maintains open communication lines in both directions to allow for natural, fully hands-free conversations.
  • Switched Duplex operation: detects and switches the communication direction automatically.
  • Simplex operation (PTT = Push to Talk): allows for manual control of the communication direction; a button must be pressed before speaking.


Commend Intercom's OpenDuplex® speech control allows simultaneous talking and listening and provides top quality speech intelligibility.

  • The conversation is permanently switched through in both directions, therefore both conversation partners can speak simultaneously.
  • The OpenDuplex® mode allows an improvement in speech quality at high ambient noise levels.
  • OpenDuplex® is carried out by Echo Cancelling in the station.
  • Should not be confused with Full-Duplex which is similar but without echo cancelling and therefore only works correctly when one side is using a gooseneck microphone or headset.


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