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New Release: DINION 7100i IR bullet camera family

Matt Golueke May 8, 2023 15:26 PM

We are happy to share that the highly anticipated launch of the DINION 7100i IR cameras has begun. Bosch's newest camera family delivers reliable detection and precise classification, especially beneficial for perimeter security and traffic monitoring applications. Be sure to watch the 20 engineering and demonstration videos below >>

DINION 7100i IR bullet cameras are designed for high security applications or traffic monitoring that demand long-range detection and classification. Their exceptional low-light image performance combined with application-specific artificial intelligence ensures the highest reliability in extreme environments.

  • starlight X for low-light imaging
  • HDR X for challenging lighting situations
  • Intelligent IR for dynamic IR adjustments from close to long distance scene changes
  • Electronic image stabilization (EIS) automatically removes motion caused by wind or vibration 
  • IVA Pro Perimeter included
  • IVA Pro Traffic license available

IVA Pro Perimeter comes pre-installed. Highly sensitive to motion, nothing escapes detection, including professional intruders who crawl, roll or use camouflage. It also delivers enhanced metadata such as GPS location and speed, while only relevant events trigger alerts to minimize false alarms.

For enhanced road and traffic intelligence, a separate IVA Pro Traffic license can be added to the cameras.
This delivers reliable detection, classification and rich contextual data in busy scenes with accuracy levels
beyond 95% in vehicle counting for the most precise, actionable insights.

These robust cameras are designed to deliver outstanding coverage in harsh outdoor environments, including wind, vibration, rain, and snow. Secure, cyber-resilient solutions, that are built for lasting protection and performance.

Technical specs >>


Family Introduction: Features and Benefits Videos




Engineering Videos

  • Vibration & Shock Testing
  • Halt Testing (temperature)
  • IK10 Impact Testing
  • IP67 Water Ingress Testing


Demonstration Videos

  • EIS (Electronic Image Stabilization)
  • Polarizing Filter
  • IR Illumination
  • Rain with IR Illumination
  • IVA Pro Analytics Wide Angle Detection
  • Long Range IR Illumination


Shootout Videos

  • Image Performance Shootout
  • Analytics Crawling Detection Shootout
  • Wide Angle Detection Shootout


Integration Videos

  • Genetec Integration: Restricted Security Area Demonstration
  • Milestone Integration: Forensic Search Demonstration


Installation Videos

  • Installation Process
  • Installation Time Savings


Documentation >>

DINION 7100i IR flyer cover


Demonstration and Pricing Request >>










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