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Map-based Tracking - Bosch Video Management System (BVMS) 11 Launched

Matt Golueke June 22, 2021 13:15 PM

BVMS 11 Map Clip-2

With BVMS 11.0, a new map-based tracking assistant plots data of multiple cameras on an online map and combines it with several camera views. Users get more context, enhanced situational awareness, and can easily keep track of people and objects across multiple cameras. Watch the demonstration here >>



BVMS 11.0 features a map-based tracking assistant which helps operators to never lose track of moving objects and people across multiple cameras. The map-based tracking assistant offers:

  • Intuitive and reliable tracking – even when operators are not familiar with the camera locations
  • Easy orientation thanks to the combined multi-cameo and map view
  • Dynamic “First-person view” to easily understand the camera field of view and the person’s or object’s position on the map

BVMS is available for 1-42 camera systems in the Divar IP 5000 series, for up to 256 cameras in the Divar IP 7000 series, and for even larger video surveillance systems with BVMS 11.0 Professional server-based software:

Divar IP 5000 Series for 1-42 Channels >>

           Bosch Divar IP 5000


Divar IP 7000 Series for up to 256 Channels >>



BVMS 11.0 Professional >>



Security Solutions Guide >>

         Cover Summer 2021 booklet-1


Contact us for system design assistance >>








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