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Magnet Mount for Network Devices in Blue Light Stanchions, Metal Boxes, etc.: AMG Systems

Matt Golueke March 21, 2024 14:32 PM


Mounting small network devices in remote locations, such as emergency call box stations (blue light stanchions) or inside of small metal boxes, can be challenging due to the variety of environments encountered. A magnetic mounting system like those available from AMG Systems offers a flexible and convenient solution for these installations, providing significant advantages over traditional mounting methods. Tom Fontana and Dave Sinise discuss the simplicity of installation when using magnets here >>


Easy Installation and Removal

One of the primary conveniences of using a magnetic mounting system is the ease of installation and removal. Unlike traditional mounting methods that may require drilling, screwing, or other preparatory work, magnetic mounts can be easily attached to a metal surface. This means that network devices can be quickly deployed, repositioned, or removed without the need for specialized tools or skills. This is particularly advantageous in emergency call box locations where space for mounting is very limited.


Magnetic mounting systems are highly versatile. They can attach to a variety of metal surfaces, which are commonly found in urban and remote locations alike. Whether the available surfaces are poles, metal enclosures, or other metallic structures, magnetic mounts can securely hold network devices in place. This versatility eliminates the need to customize mounting solutions for different locations, making it easier to plan and execute installations.

Reduced Damage to Installation Surfaces

Traditional mounting methods can cause permanent damage to installation surfaces, such as holes from drilling or screws. Magnetic mounts, however, attach to surfaces without causing damage, making them an ideal choice for installations where preserving the integrity of the structure is important. 


Modern magnetic mounting systems are designed to be both durable and secure. High-quality magnets provide a strong and stable hold, ensuring that mounted devices remain in place even in adverse weather conditions. 


Using a magnetic mounting system can also be cost-effective. The ease of installation and the lack of need for additional mounting hardware (e.g., screws, anchors) reduce the overall cost of installation. 


Part Numbers


Magnetic Mounting Kit For AMG Mini Units (AMG260M)
Includes 2x Magnets & 2x M3 x 8 CSK Pozi Mounting Screws


Magnetic Mounting Kit For AMG Small & Medium Units (AMG150/250/260/570 4+2 etc.)
Includes 4x Magnets, 4x M2.5 x 12 CSK Torx Mounting Screws & 1x T8 Torx Key


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