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License Plate Capture Evaluation

Matt Golueke April 24, 2019 11:04 AM

License plate capture thumbnail 1

Our team gets to evaluate and demonstrate some of the most advanced video surveillance camera systems. Last week was no exception as our team worked into the night evaluating several cameras to see how well they would capture license plate information. 

Bosch recently released new firmware for specific camera models that provides a template for the camera setting that are ideal for capturing license plate information. This captured data can be used as evidence after an incident or in real-time to cause specific actions or alerts.

Below, Tom and Nick discuss the complexities of capturing license plates on moving vehicles at night. Plus, we have some footage of three different cameras capturing plates from the front and the rear of vehicles.


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Cameras Evaluated


Infrared Illuminators (for use with non-IR cameras in LPR Mode)


Bosch ALPR Application Note

ALPR application note cover image


Streaming Networks ALPR Camera Installation Tips

Streaming Networks ALPR setup guide cover image 2




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