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ISC West 2019 Video Production Outtakes

Matt Golueke April 15, 2019 18:10 PM

It's a Wrap - Outtakes

No production goes quite as planned without a little laughing and editing, and ISC West 2019 was no exception for us. Check out our behind the scenes outtakes here...

Day 2, Part 2: From Entrance Control to the Command Center

The second half of Day 2 was as busy as the first. Below we take a look at more exciting and innovative security technologies from our partners at ISC West 2019.

Orion Entrance Control is well known for their New Hampshire, USA designed and manufactured optical turnstiles for lobby entrances. However, they found a weak link in common building entrance control; the single door. Steve Caroselli, Orion Entrance Control's CEO and Founder, explains what DoorGuard prevents and how it works.

Securing the entrance is critical, and so is securing the network. Cyber security remains a hot topic at ISC West, and ComNet Communication Networks has introduced Port Guardian. It's a simple way to control unauthorized access to the physical ports on a network switch. When switches are located in a remote cabinet this level of cyber security is a must. Guy Walker, North America Training Manager and A&E Program Manager at ComNet, explains how Port Guardian can be implemented.

4K low light cameras as well as multi-imager panoramic cameras are important technologies that security professionals are striving to implement as end user expectations increase. Sony Video Security has introduced several new camera systems recently. Kevin Kosch, Business Development Application Specialist at Sony, highlights three security camera technologies.

Sitting behind a security desk or in a command center for eight or more hours is nearly a thing of the past. Sit/stand desk options are now the leading market trend. Winsted has a variety of adjustable height options that also include the ability to raise and lower large monitors at the same time. designing a furniture solution is easy, explains Walter Law, Mid-Atlantic and Northeast Regional Command & Control Expert at Winsted.

It's also great to catch up with longtime colleagues and friends. Steve and Markus had a chance to do just that. Further below you can find their discussion about the new BOSCH SAST security camera firmware platform.

Day 2, Part 1: BOSCH Exhibit Highlights

Day 2 on the exhibition floor was packed. So much so, that some of our interviews had to be done outside of the exhibits just to be able to allow enough room for attendees to see the new solutions.  Below is a recount of the new solutions and technologies we saw from the first half of Day 2.

One of the jam-packed exhibits was Bosch booth #11053. Understanding the road-map for a video management system allows security end users and integrators to plan for future operational requirements. Mario Verhaeg, Product Manager for BVMS at BOSCH, outlines his Top 3 key improvements coming to BOSCH's BVMS platform version 10.0 and onward.

Image stabilization can be a challenge for transportation, parking decks, tall buildings, and other environments that require a rugged camera solution. Tom and Brad take a look at the image stabilization feature in the new BOSCH MIC series cameras.

Open platform software provides flexibility for adding features and benefits from more than one developer source. SAST is an open platform for security camera firmware. Markus Wierny, Head of Product Management for Firmware and Video Content Analytics at BOSCH, explains the SAST platform which will be coming in 2020 to the BOSCH MIC and AUTODOME series of cameras.

Helping businesses and organizations improve operational intelligence is a new way look at the use of security cameras with BOSCH video analytics on-board. Christy Roth and Bart Corstiaans from BOSCH provide a use case for video analytics to manage parking areas. Many more use case possibilities exist ranging from people counting to retail management and marketing analysis to safety behavior alerts.

Day 1: From Cyber Security to Voice Communication

Day 1 was busy for our team. Lots of integrators and end users were at the show as well as experts from a variety of security solution manufacturers. We took full advantage of having so many knowledgeable security professionals under one roof. Below are several interviews from Day 1 at ISC West 2019, plus one overdue meetup with a longtime friend.

We kicked off today with a discussion on cyber security and it's relevance in the security industry today at Bosch's exhibit at booth #11053. David Brent, of Bosch Security Systems, gave some insight as to the importance of cyber and data security as related to physical security. We had a discussion last year about a new class that Bosch is offering on this topic. You can watch that interview here. He was on a panel discussion yesterday and filled us in on his impression. Watch here:

Next on our agenda was to stop by Commend Intercom and see what problems they're currently solving for integrators and end users with their technology solutions. Joe Barnhart and Nick Hoyt highlighted two key findings from Commends exhibit at booth #12115

Next stop was at Southwest Microwave, booth #22131 where they're meeting the needs of your IT department when it comes to deploying IP enabled devices along the perimeter. Their new 336-POE digital microwave detection sensor meets IT  department requirements. Nick Hoyt and Jeff Drews discuss the problems this new perimeter intrusion detection device solves.

EIZO has been adding features and improving integrations with VMS platforms like Genetec that allow the EIZO DuraVision decoder/monitor to display video streams on a stand-alone monitor. Steve Pennington and Brian Cote discuss integration, decoder monitor developments, and a new stand-alone decoder module.

While attending large security conferences, it's always nice to run into industry veterans and long time friends. Jim DeStefanoSr. Vice President at Unlimited Technology, took a break for a few minutes to chat with Steve Pennington about what coming to a show like ISC West is all about for him and the value it brings to his end user customers.



This afternoon we had an opportunity to get a sneak preview of what to expect at Bosch's security and safety exhibit booth, #11053. Nick and Joe give us the TOP 8 REASONS NOT TO MISS THE BOSCH BOOTH. Watch them explain here...

Sony Tech Suite - Venetian Room 35205

Earlier today at ISC West we visited the Sony Tech Suite premier. Take a look as Joe Barnhart introduces us to the suite. You can visit it during the show at the Venetian, Room 35205. Watch here:

ISC West Cocktail Party Image.pngBe sure to check out the recently announced ISC West education sessions listed below.

Security professionals have been using IP cameras and other security devices successfully for years, and legacy solutions have been working for a long time. However, new technologies that use analytics and cyber security safeguards are taking the place of old solutions. Therefore, if you're attending ISC West, be sure to meet up with our team to see the most modern security solutions available to protect businesses, organizations, and government. 



Contact our team before or during the show to schedule manufacturer visits or project meetings



Free Breakfast Session: Innovating security, creating new value   

Get the latest information on important technology trends, including rising connectivity and the impact of the Internet of Things on security, privacy, and data. Learn what Bosch is doing to shape the future, while delivering leading solutions that users can trust.

Wednesday, April 10

9 – 10 am PT

Venetian Ballroom G

Register Botton


Free Breakfast Session: Integrated security solutions designed around you

Learn how integrated solutions work together to improve security. Whether you are leading with video or intrusion detection, Bosch integrated solutions deliver detection you can rely on with more efficient monitoring and control.

Thursday, April 11

9 – 10 am PT

Venetian Ballroom G

Register Botton


The Convergence of Cyber and Physical Security – A Shared Responsibility

Panel discussion with David Brent, Network Video and Cyber Training Engineer, Bosch

In this session, attendees will hear about the shared responsibility of the manufacturer, integrator, and end user, and the protections that are being implemented to harden physical security systems.

Tuesday, April 9

4:00 - 5:00 pm

Sands 309

get the information icon


Weaponized IP Cameras: Vulnerability Scanning and Pen Testing

Speaker: David Brent, Network Video and Cyber Training Engineer, Bosch

This session will cover the fundamental security considerations that an organization needs to evaluate before placing any IP camera on its network.

Thursday, April 11

11:00 am - 12:00 pm

Sands 201

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Bosch_logo.jpg      Booth 11053

Visit the Bosch booth #11053 to see our integrated security solutions! Intrusion and fire detection, video systems and analytics, access control, and communications technology work together to deliver:

  • Increased security
  • Efficient monitoring and control
  • Automated audio announcements
  • Valuable data that extends beyond security to deliver clear business advantages

Grab a snack in the Bosch Marketplace and experience solutions to reduce theft, improve parking management, enhance warehouse and dock security, detect outdoor risks, and more. Our solutions solve challenges in retail, critical infrastructure, transportation, smart cities, and many other markets.

Discover the benefits and get details on our newest products and services:

  • Intelligent "i" Series cameras with built-in video analytics as standard
  • FLEXIDOME IP starlight 8000i fixed dome cameras that reduce installation and set-up time by up to 75%
  • Robust MIC IP 7100i Ultra HD 4K cameras designed for extreme applications
  • New DIVAR IP all-in-one solutions that combine recording and video management
  • Video-based fire detection with the AVIOTEC IP starlight 8000
  • B Series and G Series control panels that highlight integration with intrusion, fire, access control, IP video and audio communication for complete security solutions

Bosch public address and loudspeakers as well as Telex radio dispatch systems

ComNet_2_Color_Logo-160x36Booth 26809


Winsted roundBooth 15109


SMI_Logo-1.jpgBooth 22131


Orion ECI logoBooth 5065


EIZO_Logo-80x33Booth 26131


Commend colorBooth 12115






Contact our team before or during the show to schedule manufacturer visits or project meetings






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