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Intercom Webinars Announced

Matt Golueke March 26, 2020 13:26 PM

Commend is launching a webinar series initially focusing on topics that will be helpful during the COVID-19 crisis including how to mobilize your Commend system to move your command center offsite, simple solutions for healthcare and laboratory environments, and setting up your office to be able to answer door calls remotely. See the details below for a breakout of topics and registration links. 


Commend Mobile Intercom Webinar Image


Taking Your Commend System Remote With Intercom Client

events-calendar-icon-300x300 Thursday, 3/26, 1:00 pm EDT

  • How to take your Commend system remote using Intercom Client
  • Capabilities of Intercom Client
  • Technical requirements for PC/laptop and Commend servers
  • How to navigate commend.com to download Intercom Client and videos for how to program





Clean Room and ISolation Communication Webinar Image Simple Communication Solutions for Isolation and Clean Rooms

events-calendar-icon-300x300 Friday, 3/27, 1:00 pm EDT 

  • Simple communication solution for pass through windows, ticketing, pharmacy windows, and other environments requiring an isolation scenario
  • Communication solutions for healthcare, clean room, and laboratory environments



Commend Symphony Cloud Remote entry and Communications webinar image Symphony Cloud for Remote Entry and Communication

events-calendar-icon-300x300 Monday, 3/30, 1:00 pm EDT

  • Mobility: Allows users to answer calls from their mobile from anywhere with both audio and video capabilities
  • Simple Remote Programming: Commend IMS or Intercom Management Services allows our dealers and end users to remotely program any device from a web browser via the Commend.Services website. A simple invitation with QR code can be scanned by the mobile user to register them in the system.
  • Best in class touch screen intercoms to enhance user experience



Schedule a private video conference here >>

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