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INTEOX: The first fully open camera platform

Matt Golueke March 23, 2020 12:03 PM

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INTEOX, the first fully open camera platform from Bosch, is set to revolutionize the security and safety industry by enabling app developers, system integrators, and other partners to develop customer specific apps or easily customize security solutions with no restrictions or boundaries. Taking surveillance beyond security into a future of possibilities we can only imagine today.

The future of safety and security

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As the world becomes increasingly connected, the Internet of Things (IoT) presents individuals and businesses with new opportunities. But to take full advantage, the safety and security industry must think differently about the way it develops solutions and embrace change. INTEOX leads by example. Designed according to fully open principles, it combines built-in Intelligent Video Analytics from Bosch, a commonly-used open Operating System (OS) provided by Security and Safety Things, and the ability to securely add software apps at a later date. This is backed by the Bosch quality for outstanding performance, lasting build quality, superior data security and privacy, and ease of installation and use.

Thanks to the fully open principle, system integrators are free to add apps available in the application store, making it quick and simple to customize security solutions. Application developers can simply develop apps based on a common language. This makes INTEOX the only platform that is accessible to anyone who wants to imagine, create and deploy customer-specific solutions.



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