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Detect a Target with a Fixed Camera, then Trigger a PTZ Camera to Slew-to-Cue and Track the Target - No Computer Server Required

Matt Golueke March 20, 2024 20:16 PM


With everyone talking about artificial intelligence and video analytics endlessly, often overlooked is the reality of the situation: security camera calibration has been nearly impossible, setup was a hassle, and frankly, it really didn't meet expectations. So, last month our team set out to evaluate Bosch's new IVA Pro Intelligent Tracking, IVA Pro Traffic, and IVA Pro Perimeter using a next generation AUTODOME 7100i IR pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) camera in conjunction with a several new DINION 7100i IR cameras, all equipped with IVA Pro capabilities. 

Let's set the scene...

We used a remote facility to setup distance measurements from 50' to 1050' where we could perform a range of evaluations with a variety of behaviors and objects including cars, bicycles, and people.

Outdoor Range Flyover

In this series of demonstration videos, Matt Cirnigliaro of Bosch Security and Safety Systems narrates as the AUTODOME 7100i IR PTZ tracks an object and ignores others in the first demonstration of IVA Pro Traffic and IVA Pro Intelligent Tracking.

Next, we step up the complexity of the evaluations and include a reaction that's commonly referred to as "slew to cue." Slew to cue in the perimeter intrusion detection systems (PIDS) market occurs when a PTZ camera, or other movable device, is directed to a specific location by an independent sensor. To accomplish this, Matt configured several DINION 7100i IR cameras with detection fields using IVA Pro Perimeter. Then, he configured the AUTODOME 7100i IR PTZ to react to alerts from the DINION 7100i IR cameras, causing the AUTODOME 7100i IR PTZ to move to the area of the alarm for details verification and real-time situational awareness. Worth noting is that this unique Bosch camera capability does not require a server or computer to do the processing or issue commands to the PTZ camera. Everything was accomplished with camera-to-camera communication.

Watch as Matt narrates the various use case demonstrations >>

  • NOTE: be sure to set your YouTube settings to the highest resolution when playing the demonstration video.

Key Moments:

  • 0:00-1:18 IVA Pro Intelligent Tracking with AUTODOME 7100i IR
  • 1:19-2:29 IVA Pro Intelligent Tracking with Slew to Cue from IVA Pro Perimeter Alarm - Example 1
  • 2:30-3:30 IVA Pro Intelligent Tracking with Slew to Cue from IVA Pro Perimeter Alarm - Example 2
  • 3:31-7:28 IVA Pro Intelligent Tracking with Slew to Cue from IVA Pro Perimeter Alarm - PIDS Example 


Layered Perimeter (PIDS) Technology Approach: Jeff Drews & John Wekenborg

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IVA Pro Intelligent Tracking

IVA Pro Tracking data sheet image


IVA Pro Perimeter

IVA Pro Perimeter data sheet image


IVA Pro Traffic

IVA Pro Traffic data sheet image



AUTODOME 7100i Gen6 Transparent



DINION 7100i - wall - transparent


Bosch Video Management System


DINION 7100i IR Demonstration Videos











Topics: security camera analytics, bosch video analytics, video analytics, Intelligent Video Analytics, AI-enabled Video Analytics, Bosch DINION 7100i IR, Bosch AUTODOME 7100i

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