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Genetec and Bosch: Seamless Intrusion Alarm Control

Matt Golueke April 28, 2022 15:14 PM

Bosch and Genetec intrusion integration video thumbnail

A long-term strategic partnership has driven integration between the latest Bosch intrusion control panels and the Genetec unified security platform, Security Center.

Operators benefit from seamless control of security devices, as they can leverage Security Center to monitor intrusion panels using the same client application as the Genetec video surveillance solution. This allows viewing of video that is linked to intrusion areas, events and alarms for video verification, which helps to reduce false alarms.

Security personnel can control areas and view Bosch B and G Series panel status information from within the Security Center client to simplify management. Security Center users can also set up automated actions to turn on the intrusion system based on time or Security Center system events, as well as program Security Center outputs to trigger control panel alarms. A single view and one client for controlling devices and handling system events simplifies management and increases operator efficiency.

Watch Tom Mechler discuss the integration partnership in this video >>

Features and Benefits

  • Auto-discovery of intrusion system entities – Simplify integration configuration as Security Center automatically scans for intrusion areas, inputs and outputs
  • Federated video of intrusion panels – Centrally monitor intrusion panels connected to remote independent Security Center systems as one virtual system
  • Real-time status monitoring – View panel and area status—active, trouble, bypassed, etc.
  • Manual or automatic control – Manually arm or disarm areas from the Security Center client or set up automated actions based on time or system events
  • Event monitoring – View trouble, duress, alarms and other custom events in Security Center and silence intrusion alarms
  • Video verification – View video linked to intrusion areas, events and alarms for complete facility information
  • Panel User synchronization – Manage your panel user's access and PIN's as Security Center Cardholders

Solution Architecture
Bosch intrusion panels are integrated to Security Center using the Intrusion Manager role. The Intrusion Manager role receives events from the panel over an IP network, reports them live in Security Desk, and logs them in a database for future reporting. The role also relays user commands to the panel (such as arming and disarming the intrusion detection areas), and triggers the outputs connected to the panel through event-to-actions (for example, an Intrusion detection area master armed event in Security Center can trigger an output on the panel).


More about Bosch alarm panels here >>



Topics: Integration, Bosch Intrusion Detection Alarm, Genetec

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