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Genetec & Bosch - Restricted Security Area (RSA) surveillance

Matt Golueke October 4, 2019 17:47 PM

Bosch genetec perimeter protection video thumbnail

Thanks to the deep integration of Bosch Video Analytics in Genetec Security Center, you can follow moving objects on a geographical map with the Restricted Security Area (RSA) surveillance add-on as shown in the video below.

Bosch cameras with Video Analytics generate information on an object’s location, speed, and trajectory. Moving targets are intuitively displayed on a map so you can assess and respond to threats in less time.

Systems integration highlights include:

  • Follow moving targets
  • Target classification
  • Location, speed, and trajectory information
  • Targets are visualized on the Genetec user interface map
  • Intelligent tracking keeps the camera on the moving target
  • Automatic camera handover
  • Track a moving target over multiple cameras in real time



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