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Site Surveys for Video, Intrusion, & Perimeter Security

Matt Golueke September 29, 2020 11:30 AM

Tom and Greg Site Survey

Site Surveys can save a lot of time when it comes to planning for a security upgrade or new project. Our team has assembled three different Site Survey resources for video surveillance, intrusion detection, and perimeter intrusion detection. We also met with Ben Gollotti to discuss the benefits of performing a vulnerability assessment. 


Check out the Site Survey and Vulnerability Assessment resources here:


Video Surveillance Site Survey

An in-depth video surveillance site survey is necessary in order to properly evaluate the solutions required to capture evidence of theft, injury, or risk. We created this 10 page document which provides you with over 60 critical questions to ask and considerations to make before deciding on a video surveillance system purchase.

Site Survey - Video Surveillance DOWNLOAD PDF image

In the videos below, our team discusses the various sections of the Video Surveillance Site Survey resource >>




Intrusion Detection Site Survey

Site Survey - intrusion DOWNLOAD PDF

In these videos, Ari and the MidChes team supplement the Site Survey: Intrusion Detection guide with explainer videos so that end user security professionals and security installers understand exactly what they need to know in order to get an intrusion detection system design started properly >>

Intrusion Detection System  Motion Detector Applications


Perimeter Intrusion Detection Site Survey

We've developed the Site Survey: Perimeter Detection to assist end users, specifiers, and integrators with making sure that all bases are covered when it comes to detecting a potential intrusion attempt at your perimeter.

Site Survey - perimeter detection DOWNLOAD PDF

Check out the associated Design Considerations for Perimeter Intrusion Detection video series >>

Perimeter Protection Considerations thumbnail 3


Vulnerability Assessments

Our team met with Ben Gollotti of LARGO Consulting Services to discuss the challenges end users face and the solutions available when it comes to developing a security strategy. Watch the video or listen to the audio while you drive to the in-depth discussion as Ben and the MidChes team explore the benefits of a security vulnerability assessment >>

Security Consultation  Vulnerability  Liability  Assessments    Surveys


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