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Fortification of the Physical Perimeter

Matt Golueke May 17, 2021 14:42 PM

Southwest Microwave INTREPID MicroPoint II fence detection image

While there is much attention dedicated to securing the IT network perimeter, of equal importance is a focus on fortification of the physical perimeter of a facility, given that this is the first line of defense against unauthorized site access. A comprehensive facility security framework must pair cyber security and physical security to successfully mitigate risk to these critical assets.

In this article, Maira Zanrosso of Southwest Microwave highlights the application of perimeter security using data centers as an example >>

Data Center Security Article - Southwest Microwave - image

read this article >>


Southwest Microwave has earned a global leadership position in the design and manufacturing of integrated, high-security, outdoor electronic perimeter intrusion detection systems. Their field-proven sensor technologies and security management tools provide precise, immediate detection of perimeter disturbances for security-sensitive applications and harsh exterior environments.

Their extensive range of field-proven sensor technologies offer unparalleled protection against unauthorized site access and are internationally recognized for providing precise, immediate detection of perimeter disturbances in security-sensitive applications and harsh exterior environments. 70,000 Southwest Microwave detection systems in 100+ countries now reliably secure broad-ranging facilities – from government and military installations to critical utilities, industrial and corporate campuses, correctional institutions, transportation centers and VIP residences.


Learn more about perimeter intrusion detection considerations here >>

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