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Enhancing Security Infrastructure Resilience with iSCSI Solutions: Bosch BVMS and VRM

Matt Golueke April 24, 2024 14:02 PM

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In the converged landscape of IT network management and electronic and physical security, the resilience of surveillance systems is paramount. Let’s explore the merits of deploying an iSCSI (Internet Small Computer System Interface) solution, specifically Bosch's Video Recording Manager (VRM), for recording camera streams, with Bosch Video Management System (BVMS) for live and recorded viewing in contrast to conventional server-based video surveillance systems. We will also highlight Bosch's NDAA-compliant cameras with onboard Intelligent Video Analytics Pro (IVA Pro). Lastly, we will discuss the benefits of offering “FM” licensing which eliminates traditional SMA agreements for government applications.

Here, Mike Kosinski from Bosch Security and Safety Systems and Tom Fontana discuss unique benefits of a combined BVMS + VRM iSCSI solution >>



The iSCSI Advantage: Bosch VRM and BVMS

BVMS Resilience Thumbnail 10The iSCSI protocol allows storage devices to be connected and transferred data over IP networks, offering a flexible and scalable solution for video surveillance storage. Bosch's VRM leverages this technology to directly record camera streams from Bosch cameras equipped with iSCSI initiators, eliminating the need for one or more recording servers to be continually online.

VRM supports iSCSI-based storage systems and Bosch Video-over-IP devices (IP cameras and IP video encoders). VRM introduces the concept of a storage virtualization layer. This abstraction layer enables VRM to manage all of the individual disk arrays in the entire system as a single “virtual” common pool of storage, which is intelligently allocated as needed.

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VRM eliminates the need for Network Video Recorders (NVRs) and their associated server hardware, operating systems, and anti-virus software, as well as the ongoing software patches and updates these systems require.

Optimized performance is obtained by the use of intelligent addressing on a block level, which also allows
for load balancing of the video recording to all available storage blocks located on any storage array in the system. Load balancing is provided with respect to the bandwidth and the number of iSCSI connections and is configurable per IP address (iSCSI target).

The VRM virtualization layer allows the scalability of storage beyond the physical limits of a single storage subsystem. This logical abstraction layer means that each camera can use any storage space it actually needs, rather than an allocated, arbitrary, discrete chunk ahead of time. Adjust retention times of video data as required.

VRM not only provides for redundant management of metadata, it also introduces a significant enhancement of overall reliability and availability. By providing redundancy for storage provisioning and a failover design for the central recording management service, there is no single point of failure. In addition, unlike NVR systems, VRM scales without requiring additional servers. This greatly reduces the risk of system failures.

When paired with a second server, such as Bosch's Management Server (BVMS), organizations can seamlessly view live feeds and playback recorded video directly from the camera without a server being online 24x7. This direct-to-storage, direct-to-workstation approach circumvents the vulnerabilities associated with server-based systems, where the failure of a server can interrupt recording and cut off system user access to live and recorded camera streams.


Resilience Against Failures

BVMS Resilience Thumbnail 9One of the critical vulnerabilities of server-based video surveillance systems is their multiple, single point of failure with each server. If any one server tasked with handling camera streams fails, it precludes workstations from accessing both live and recorded video, potentially crippling surveillance operations. Conversely, the iSCSI-based solution from Bosch is designed with resilience in mind. Should a recording appliance fail, iSCSI streams can be automatically rerouted to an alternate iSCSI disk array, ensuring no loss of recorded video and maintaining continuous surveillance operations.


Financial and Operational Efficiency with "FM" Licenses

BVMS Resilience Thumbnail 5Bosch's offering of "FM" licenses (Future Maintenance) stands out from the industry standard for government applications, negating the need for recurring annual Software Maintenance Agreements (SMAs). This model allows for the upfront purchase of system support, catering to entities that require comprehensive support to be secured at once. This not only streamlines budgetary planning but also ensures that the surveillance system's integrity and operational readiness are maintained without annual renegotiations or renewals.


Enhanced Security through Intelligent Video Analytics (IVA Pro)

BVMS Resilience Thumbnail 4Bosch security cameras equipped with onboard IVA Pro transcend traditional surveillance capabilities. This advanced analytical framework alerts users to unauthorized behaviors in real-time, significantly enhancing situational awareness and response times. Moreover, the same IVA Pro rules can be applied retrospectively, Bosch Forensic Search, to scrutinize recorded video for specific behaviors in the past, vastly improving the efficacy of investigative efforts. This dual application of IVA Pro, for both real-time alerts and post-event analysis, represents a leap forward in utilizing video surveillance as a proactive security tool.


A Resilient and Government-Ready Solution

BVMS Resilience Thumbnail 6In the context of building a resilient, efficient, and analytics-capable surveillance system, Bosch's integration of iSCSI solutions, coupled with advanced security cameras, offers a compelling proposition. The direct-to-storage recording and direct-to-workstation viewing methodology not only mitigates the risks associated with server-based systems but also enhances operational continuity through its rerouting capabilities in the event of hardware failures. When paired with the financial and operational benefits of "FM" licenses and the advanced analytical capabilities of onboard IVA Pro, Bosch's solutions present a comprehensive approach to modernizing and securing video surveillance infrastructures. For IT and security program managers, adopting such integrated solutions means not only safeguarding their premises more effectively but also leveraging surveillance data as a strategic asset in maintaining security and operational integrity.


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