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Enhancing Security with Bosch's Gun Detection System: A Comprehensive Field Evaluation

June 19, 2024

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Enhancing Security with Bosch's Gun Detection System: A Comprehensive Field Evaluation
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With increasing concerns about public safety, especially in schools, government buildings, campuses, and other public spaces, it is important to adopt advanced security measures. Bosch’s Gun Detection System stands out as a pioneering solution designed to address these critical security needs.

Recently, we conducted a field evaluation of this innovative system, demonstrating its capabilities and effectiveness in various scenarios. The detailed video below captures our evaluation process and results.


System Overview

Visual gun detection demonstration layoutSimple three-camera setup:

Detection Cameras Configuration:

  • Positioned on either side of funnel point to provide multiple perspectives.
  • Ensures broadside views of guns, which are often hard to detect head-on.
  • Cameras are zoomed in on a small area or funnel point for precise detection.

Panoramic Camera:

  • Offers situational awareness beyond the visual gun detection zone.
  • Includes audio gunshot detection to alert about potential threats even outside the detection cameras' visual range.


Detection Capabilities

Long Gun Detection:

  • This is the primary threat in many active shooter scenarios.
  • The system detects the threat as it approaches the funnel point.

Handgun Detection:

  • Handguns are smaller and harder to detect.
  • The system successfully identifies the threat even with limited pixels on target.

False Positive Suppression:

  • Common items like coffee cups and cell phones, often mistaken for weapons by other systems, are not flagged by Bosch’s system.
  • This reduces unnecessary alarms, especially in environments like K-12 schools, campuses, and office buildings where such items are prevalent.


Operator's Perspective

  • Visual Feed: Multiple angles provided by the gun detection cameras.
  • Panoramic View: Ensures total situational awareness, complementing the focused views of the gun detection cameras.


Layered Detection

  • The system identifies threats both outside and inside the building.
  • Supplementary to metal detectors and other systems, enhancing overall security.


Frictionless Detection with Scalable Alerting Options

  • Non-threatening individuals can pass through without triggering alarms.
  • Bosch’s system can operate independently or integrate with various Video Management Systems (VMS), offering flexible deployment options.

Bosch’s Visual Gun Detection System stands out as a robust and effective solution for enhancing security across diverse settings. Its precise threat detection capabilities, combined with the ability to minimize false positives, make it an invaluable tool for safeguarding public spaces. The comprehensive field evaluation clearly demonstrates its potential to significantly improve security measures, ensuring a safer environment for all.


With too many instances of violence in our schools and public spaces, prevention is critical for educators and officials who must keep students, faculty, and staff safe. When students feel safe at school, they can focus on learning, resulting in improved academic performance.


In the video below from a recent Security Technology Forum, Nils Zerrer, Florian Richter, and Matt Cirnigliaro demonstrate and explain Bosch's new layered solution approach to safety featuring audio gunshot detection and visual gun detection.

Key chapters:

  • 0:00 - Introduction 
  • 0:30 - Building Entry Point Overview
  • 4:12 - Gun and Gunshot Detection Solutions Introduction
  • 6:19 - Layered Technology Approach: AI-enabled Audio and Video Technology
  • 9:27 - AI-enabled IVA Pro Visual Gun Detection System
  • 20:44 - Gun Detection System Demonstration
  • 21:50 - Instant Replay Verification Layer Demonstration
  • 27:10 - Q&A


Reliable detection for peace of mind

The Gun Detection System from Bosch is the first to pair video and audio AI to prioritize proactive security and safety involving guns at schools. The near-invisible system offers a multi-layered approach to elevate the security and safety of campuses while enabling a smooth, frictionless flow and welcoming atmosphere that promotes learning.

When someone brandishing a gun enters the school, the system is designed to promptly alert personnel who can verify the gun and take proactive measures. If a gun is not visually detected, audio AI, the second layer, is designed to detect and classify gunshots precisely while accurately estimating the direction from which the sound originates. This capability may enable quick and appropriate responses. And since the system’s visual and audio layers are camera-based, security staff can always rely on high-quality video footage for forensics supporting first responders.



The Power of a Layered Approach
Bosch's Gun Detection System can operate independently, but it is also compatible with other systems like video, access control, and public address. These integration paths enable additional responses like human verification, locking doors, initiating automated public address and two-way radio announcements, and dictating smart lockdown and evacuation protocols.

Install the system at entrances, high traffic funnel points, and approach paths up to 30-feet wide to provide early warning while remaining nearly transparent and frictionless as opposed to metal detection systems. This system consists of the following components:



Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief Fund (ESSER) and grant writing support

Interested in upgrading your school security, but need funding? Bosch is partnering with a grant writing agency to help you understand federal funding eligibility, ESSER funding details, and grant opportunities.

Making Schools Safer Leaflet



Get System Design Assistance
Our team is your local resource for system design, demonstration, and pricing. Contact us to discuss your safety and security challenges >>








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