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Debate: Barricade Tools for Active Shooter Events

Matt Golueke December 9, 2019 14:49 PM

Recent reports by the Associated Press and reports by Fox News, Herald-Review, and other news outlets are covering a growing debate over the best tools to use to barricade a door during an active shooter situation.  

The debates go even deeper than that over other options to sheltering in place such as evacuate or stay and fight.

Proper planning is critical, there's no debate about that.  The way that a building full of kindergartners reacts to an incident will be very different from how a hospital reacts or how a corporate campus reacts.  

What's your organization's plan?

On October 16, end users will gather to learn about risk assessment, planning, and traing for active shooter and workplace violence incidents at a seminar in the Mid-Atlantic region...and you're invited to attend.  Learn more here. Guest speakers will include Caroline Ramsey Hamilton and ALiCE Training Institute.




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