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Crowd Protection in Public Spaces Scrutinized

Matt Golueke December 21, 2016 14:56 PM

Europe security screening.png

As would be expected after the tragic attack on holiday shoppers in Berlin, police and government officials are taking a closer look at how to best protect the public in Europe while allowing for open shopping during the remainder of the holiday season, reports The Washington Post. (article here)


Eye in the Sky

BVMS_operator_image.jpgWe most often collaborate on security solutions that operate primarily out of sight. Cameras and video recording equipment provide both proactive and reactive support of security operations. IP cameras viewed at a command post can assist police and guards on the ground by providing a "birds eye view" of a much larger area, allowing disruption of suspicious activities before officers on the ground see a developing situation.


Indoor Screening

People can be deterred or allowed into a facility given the proper use of indoor physical devices such as turnstiles. Entrance control turnstiles can prevent unauthorized persons from entering a building beyond a fixed point in a secured lobby.



Outdoor Challenges

But this doesn't help in open pedestrian spaces. Outdoor physical devices can deter or minimize the impact of a vehicle attack. 

Concentric bollards.png

The use of retractable bollards, as shown above, or fixed bollards can close a street to vehicle traffic temporarily or permanently. Portable metal gates can slow down pedestrian traffic, force movement in specific directions, and deter access to sensitive or protected areas. (more from Concentric Security about bollard solutions here)


Avenue at White Marsh.png


Many "under roof" shopping malls in the United States have been replaced with open outdoor shopping areas with vehicle traffic permitted amidst the pedestrian shoppers. The image to the left is just one of many examples. Like many new shopping concepts, this one allows a combination of open pedestrian walking and shopping space combined with vehicle parking and street traffic.



  • Questionmark.pngWhile security is being looked at closer in Europe for open Christmas markets, what's the temperature of security in open, public spaces in the United States?  
  • Are you seeing a tightening of outdoor shopping perimeters?
  • Is a more intentional separation of vehicles and pedestrians being created?
  • Aside from closing a street to vehicles, how are the vehicles being kept separate now, versus a week ago?
  • What is your company, campus, or organization thinking about doing or have you already done to ensure pedestrian safety? 

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