Building Information Modeling (BIM) marks the beginning of a new era in building planning and AEC (Architecture, Engineering, and Construction). Based on a collaborative and integrated approach, BIM enables economical, efficient and sustainable planning processes for all AEC-professionals.

  • All relevant building data and subsection details are captured digitally and networked
  • This way, multiple users can collaborate on the same model
  • Thanks to the shared data model, all contributors can easily view and monitor the individual changes and overall progress of the project
  • Improved error and fault elimination, cost reduction and sustained competitiveness 


More than just 3D

One of the great advantages of BIM objects is the fact that in addition to 3D data they also contain information relevant to planning and operation. Specialist planners no longer have to collect this information and save themselves a lot of time in planning and no transmission errors can happen.

Commend BIM Data

Take advantage of BIM objects from Commend Intercom stations and modules next time you need to plan a holistic security and communication solution.

These objects contain a wide range of information about:

  • Sound pressure – this allows you to take details on the sound range and coverage of the Intercom stations and loudspeakers into consideration during planning.
  • Camera data – Which areas are visible for the camera of the Intercom stations?
  • Power supply and consumption – these details can be included in the calculation of the building’s overall energy consumption.
  • Dimensions and protection ratings.
  • Connections (inputs/outputs, etc.).
  • Operating temperature.

Commend BIM objects are available in Revit and IFC. Commend also offers STEP data for download. The list of available Commend BIM objects keeps growing. Watch for the BIM icon on Commend data sheets to find out for which Intercom station, module or loudspeaker BIM objects are available.

You find available BIM objects in the new cLibrary online under Pre-Sales / Building Information Modeling.



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