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Bosch now offers free online recertification programs for BVMS certifications

Matt Golueke September 15, 2020 12:24 PM

BVMS Recertification image

If you attended the Bosch BVMS Expert training class after August 2018:

You will receive a notification from Bosch's Training Academy advising when you can access the online Recertification Exam. Original certifications expire after two years, and access to the recertification exam is only available after this expiration.

You have one year to complete recertification. If you complete and pass within the year, your certification is extended a full two years from the recertification date.

To start your recertification:

  • Login to the Bosch Training Academy
  • Choose Training Courses at the top left
  • Choose Management Software
  • Choose the Recertification subfolder and your recertification level

If you attended the Bosch BVMS Expert or Master training class before August 2018:

You will need to recertify by reaching out to your Bosch sales representative to confirm your experience level with using BVMS. Then, you will be granted the correct access to be recertified.


New to Bosch Training?

Check out the Bosch Training Academy website here >>






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