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Bosch Security - The New Age of AI-based Analytics in Security Cameras

Matt Golueke April 24, 2023 23:00 PM

All Bosch video security cameras are offered with AI as a built-in standard. Their AI capabilities enable them to understand what they’re seeing and to add meaning to captured video with metadata. This is an important first step in converting video data into actionable insights and building predictive solutions. Bosch already has technologies such as deep learning video analytics that helps move one step closer towards predictive solutions. This advanced analytics technology relies on another type of machine learning — deep learning, which uses artificial neural networks that attempt to mimic the human brain allowing it to learn from large amounts of data and recognize patterns to tackle more complex tasks faster, easier, and more accurately.

Brad Castillo talked with Sachin Khanna of Bosch to better understand what's available in Bosch security cameras today that's powered by AI and what's coming in the future >>

If you haven't been talking or hearing about ChatGPT, Microsoft Bing Image Creator, Midjourney, or other recently launched and revolutionary AI technologies, you may be missing one of the most exciting times for modern advancements to date.

Bosch joined the top AI companies with their launch of new, AI-driven security cameras, replacing legacy Intelligent Video Analytics (IVA) with IVA Pro Packs, available in a variety of IVA Pro flavors that are specific to certain applications, embedded standard in certain cameras and available as an upgrade in others.

Brad Castillo joined Matt Cirnigliaro of Bosch Security and Safety Systems and dove a bit deeper into what places Bosch's new AI-driven security cameras at the top of the performance list and to demystify the new IVA Pro offerings. Watch here >>



Intelligent Video Analytics (IVA) Pro is an expert suite of video analytics that delivers valuable insights for improved efficiency, simplicity, security, and safety.

With IVA Pro, an AI-driven video analytics software, Bosch supports security professionals, consultants, specifiers, and end-users on their journey towards predictive solutions.


Your Guide to AI-driven Video Analytics >>

AI-Driven Video Analytics Guide cover


Solution Overview
Three different IVA Pro Packs are ideal for the following scenarios:

All IVA Pro Packs can be configured to ignore specified image areas and small objects to enhance robustness. Furthermore, object size, two-way direction, aspect ratio, color, and speed (IVA Pro Perimeter Pack and IVA Pro Traffic Pack only) filters can be used in any combination to create specific detection rules for objects. Statistics on object properties are stored and can be displayed for finetuning the object filters. Object properties can also be defined by selecting an appropriately similar object in the video.

Real-world size, speed, and location
The IVA Pro Perimeter Pack and the IVA Pro Traffic Pack include the calibration possibility to transform 2D pixels into 3D real-world measures, including size, speed, and geolocation of objects for tracking use cases.

Intelligence-at-the-edge concept
The intelligence-at-the-edge technology allows users to reduce bandwidth and storage in the absence of action and switch back to full image quality in case of video analytics alarms. Alarm conditions can be signaled by a relay output on the unit or an alarm connection to stream video to a decoder, a roadside unit (IVA Pro Traffic Pack), or a video management
system. Alarms can also be transmitted to a video management system to start extended alarm scenarios. As well as creating alarms, the IVA Pro Packs produce metadata describing the content of the analyzed scene. This metadata is sent over the network and may also be recorded with the video stream or used independently of the video stream.

Intuitive graphical user interface
The setup is available via the Configuration Manager. A wizard-based graphical user interface guides the user through the configuration. It provides all the necessary tools to set up the IVA Pro Packs and specify detection or counting tasks. All configuration options are visualized as feedback overlays and can be edited directly for intuitive configuration.
When movement is detected, the object is outlined in yellow on the display and its motion is displayed as a green trajectory. If an object and its motion match the rule conditions defined for one of the detector tasks, an alarm is created and the object outlines change to
red. Additionally, an idle object is marked with [I] and a removed object is marked with [X].

Assisted calibration for IVA Pro Perimeter Pack and IVA Pro Traffic Pack
The calibration uses internal sensors from the camera and user input. User input can be given by marking ground points on a map or by measuring heights and distances on the ground, for example, by marking a person walking through the scene. The calibration tool
guides users through all necessary steps. It supports calibration from recordings, allowing a person to walk through the scene and be used as a known reference in the calibration process afterwards. The IVA Pro Buildings Pack does not need calibration.


IVA Pro Buildings Pack


IVA Pro Traffic Pack



IVA Pro Perimeter Pack



IVA Application Videos >>



       The importance of artificial intelligence (AI) in delivering the Power to Predict

The importance of artificial intelligence in delivering the Power to Predict portal image


IVA Pro Packs Data Sheet >>

IVA Pro Data Sheet Image


Request a demonstration >>









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