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Have you seen Bosch's Object Classifier cameras for ITS and cities?

Matt Golueke April 29, 2022 15:12 PM

Joe Barnhart talked with Craig Hayden about the new Bosch inteox Object Classifier (OC) series of cameras that can determine object class and send data to an aggregation system for use in management dashboards for intelligent traffic systems (ITS) applications and beyond. Watch their discussion here >>

And while Bosch inteox OC cameras are designed to work with 3rd party applications, they are also enabled with capabilities unique to the series of cameras, even without the 3rd party apps loaded on the cameras.

Intelligent open, flexible, and extendable camera platform
The camera has a powerful, embedded processor with dedicated hardware to support advanced machine learning and neural-network-based Video Analytics. All cameras with this platform have high image quality, built-in Video Analytics, intelligent bitrate management, and the highest levels of data security.

The platform also gives you the flexibility to customize your camera to your specific requirements. The camera platform integrates with the cloud infrastructure of Azena for app management across devices. Also, Bosch offers advanced device management and services through the Bosch Remote Portal.

From the Bosch Remote Portal you can remotely:
• Complete initial configuration of your online and connected Bosch devices
• Update firmware for single or multiple devices
• Manage certificates through Configuration Manager or the web interface of your camera
• Monitor the health of and receive alerts for your connected Bosch devices
• Connect your Bosch devices to the Azena portal for app management

AI-based traffic detection for traffic monitoring
The camera includes an AI-based traffic detector to detect and track cars in front of traffic lights, on intersections, roads, highways, and in tunnels. Even in dense traffic such as vehicles stopped at traffic lights and in traffic jams, the AI-based traffic detector reliably separates the different cars for accurate counting results.


Learn more about Bosch inteox OC cameras here >>



Learn more about 3rd party apps for INTEOX from Azena here >>

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