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BIM Files for Building Designers

Matt Golueke January 27, 2016 23:36 PM

After decades of decreasing productivity, the building industry is on the verge of a revolution. Architects, planners, consultants, integrators and contractors will soon be able to share information more easily, drill down into design specifications at any stage of a project and collaborate with greater efficiency. As data flows seamlessly, it will be possible to model buildings in virtual spaces that contain every last bit of the information needed to allow real structures to rise from the ground.

This revolution has a name: Building Information Modeling (BIM). And Bosch is helping to bring that change about, ushering in a new era of digital modeling that will enable us to envision with greater clarity, design with more foresight and build to the most exact requirements.


Join Bosch on this journey by incorporating BIM files for IP video cameras into your project today, with others to follow in the near future.

Maximize planning with Bosch and BIM.

Please contact our team for personal assistance with your project.

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