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ASIS 2017 Planning

Matt Golueke August 11, 2017 16:12 PM

ASIS 2017 conference website image.png


ASIS 2017 provides a great opportunity for security professionals to see many solutions under one roof.  


Register for Free or Discounted below:


MidChes Team Attending ASIS

Willis_Tower_Image_team_photo_chicago.jpg    Steve Pennington - Federal Government and Complex Systems  steve@midches.com   (410) 688-6777 

     Nick Hoyt - Security & Communication Solutions: MD, DC, VA   nick@midches.com (410) 688-7197

     Tom Fontana - Security Solutions: PA, DE, SoNJ   tom@midches.com (610) 357-6553

     Matt Golueke - Marketing   matt@midches.com (410) 935-0560


Booth Locations


Exhibit Hall Map

 ASIS 2017 Floor Map.png


ASIS Website and Registration

ASIS 2017 conference website image.png



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