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AI Cleans Voice From Noise: Noise Cancellation and Echo Suppression by Commend

Matt Golueke April 23, 2024 18:54 PM


Background noise can turn crucial information into unintelligible mumbling during calls. But with this revolutionary noise cancellation and echo suppression, clarity is restored. Witness how emergencies sound without AI technology versus with it in the demonstration. From ports to industrial settings, transport, infrastructure, and urban environments, this solution ensures crystal-clear communication. Developed through collaboration with leading acoustics experts from the University of Music and Performing Arts Graz, this AI-based technique, using deep neural networks, guarantees unparalleled voice quality. 

Watch noise removal demonstrations from John Carmichael of Commend with Steve Pennington as they discuss Commend's Neural Network Echo Suppressor technology (noise cancelling) which is supported on devices with Symphony MX Device Software 3.8.1 or above.




2024-04-19_10-01-52Commend's primary focus is on perfecting the acoustics and speech quality of their products in different acoustically challenging environments. But making sure that Commend users can benefit from the latest and greatest innovations in Audio/Video Intercom involves science and sophisticated testing. For this reason Commend maintains research partnerships with leading research institutions and universities. This is also why they have been operating a dedicated Audio Research office in Graz, Austria, since 2014. From there they have been able to foster partnerships with internationally renowned research institutions like Joanneum Research and the Technical University of Graz. Key R&D activities at the Commend office are centered around audio/acoustic signal processing, development and implementation of algorithms for essential Commend Intercom functions (noise reduction, voice detection, echo compensation, and AI-driven applications).

Several outcomes of Commend's research project have already found their way into Software Release version 2.8. Users will benefit from a significant boost in speech quality and noise suppression for enhanced security and communication. But that's not all, as the research results provide the essential basis for enhancing Commend's future speech recognition systems with AI-driven functions such as Intelligent Voice Response (IVR). 

Note: Commend's Neural Network Echo Suppressor technology (noise cancelling) is supported on devices with Symphony MX Device Software 3.8.1 or above.


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Topics: intercom, Voice Communication, Commend Intercom, Audio AI

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