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Advantages of DIN Rail Mounting for Remote Network Devices as well as 19-inch Rack Management: AMG Systems

Matt Golueke March 25, 2024 21:34 PM

AMG Systems DIN Rain Rack Mount System

The deployment of remote network devices in challenging environments such as roadside applications or pole or wall-mounted cabinet applications requires innovative solutions to ensure reliability, ease of maintenance, and flexibility. One such solution that has gained popularity due to its practicality and efficiency is DIN rail mounting. This system offers a myriad of features and benefits that are particularly suited to the unique demands of these applications. Recently, Steve Pennington and Dave Sinise of AMG Systems got together to discuss and demonstrate this solution. Watch here >>


Simplified Installation and Versatility

DIN rail mounting is renowned for its straightforward installation process. The DIN rail, a standardized metal rail, provides a simple yet secure method for attaching equipment. This allows for a quick setup and removal process, which is crucial in roadside or pole-mounted scenarios where accessibility may be limited. The versatility of the DIN rail system also means it can support a wide range of devices from different manufacturers, ensuring that engineers are not limited to specific brands or models. This flexibility is invaluable in creating customized solutions that meet the specific needs of each deployment.

Enhanced Organization and Space Efficiency

Space is often at a premium in roadside cabinets or pole-mounted applications. DIN rail mounting helps maximize the limited space available by facilitating an organized layout of network devices. The ability to vertically stack devices on the rails not only conserves space but also promotes better airflow, reducing the risk of overheating. An orderly setup also simplifies the task of identifying and accessing specific components, which is essential for maintenance and troubleshooting.

Improved Durability and Protection

The environments where roadside and pole-mounted network devices are deployed is harsh, exposing equipment to extreme temperatures, moisture, and vibration. DIN rail mounting systems are designed to withstand these conditions, offering enhanced protection to the devices. The rails and mounts are typically made from robust materials such as steel or aluminum, providing a sturdy platform that minimizes the impact of vibrations and physical shocks. Additionally, the elevated mounting helps safeguard devices from water damage, contributing to their longevity.


From an economic perspective, DIN rail mounting is a cost-effective solution for deploying network devices in remote locations. The system's simplicity and the speed with which devices can be installed and configured lead to reduced labor costs. Moreover, the ease of reconfiguration and scalability allows for future network expansions or modifications without significant additional investment. This adaptability ensures that the initial setup can evolve alongside technological advancements or changing requirements, maximizing the return on investment.

Enhanced Safety and Compliance

Safety is paramount in any electrical installation, and DIN rail mounting systems are designed with this in mind. The standardized nature of DIN rails and their accessories means that they meet global safety standards and regulations, ensuring that installations are both secure and compliant. This aspect is especially critical in public spaces such as roadsides, where adherence to safety standards cannot be compromised.


AMG2034-12-RP-DD Rack Mount DIN Rail System

The AMG2034 rack chassis supports all AMG as well as 3rd party DIN rail products and provides an easy to install and maintain solution for mounting DIN rail equipment in 19inch racks and cabinets. Its short depth even allows for installation in small wall mounted 19inch rack enclosures and its heavy duty slide out mechanism ensures maximum ease of installation and future maintenance.
Each rack chassis features removable screw terminal connections for up to 10 devices (depending on product width) and occupies only 4U of rack space within the equipment cabinet offering a simple and elegant rack mount solution for space restricted installations.
The AMG2034 chassis can be ordered without any power supplies as a pure mounting system only or with fully integrated single or dual redundant mains power supplies with both 12VDC and 56VDC outputs available to support PoE and non-PoE enabled equipment and supports hot-swappable replacement of any DIN rail mounted units.
The single or dual integrated power supplies support a wide 90-264VAC input range and provide 12VDC @ 100W and/or 56VDC @ 1000W to power the installed units.




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AMG Systems DIN Rain Rack Mount System


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