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WATCH: What are 3 key components of a Perimeter Intrusion Detection System (PIDS)?

Matt Golueke June 1, 2022 13:55 PM

Last week, we discussed three key technologies commonly included in perimeter intrusion detection systems (PIDS): fence disturbance detection, buried cable system detection, and microwave detection. Tim Claus, from Southwest Microwave, broke down all three technologies in these short explainer videos...plus he covered what a PIDS is, what site commissioning entails, and the value-add that Southwest Microwave brings to every perimeter security project.

Watch here >>

What is a PIDS and who is Southwest Microwave?

                                    Website Link >>

                                    Southwest transparent


What is a fence disturbance detection system? (INTREPID Series II MicroPoint/MicroNet)

                                   Get details about fence detection systems >>



What is a buried cable detection system? (INTREPID Series II MicroTrack)

                                   Get details about buried cable systems >>



What is a volumetric microwave detection system (INTREPID Series II MicroWave)

                                   Get details about microwave systems >>



What is a PIDS site commissioning?

                                   Contact us about site commissioning >>


Top Considerations for PIDS System Design >>





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