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7 Hints for Security Managers & NFPA 3000T (PS)

Matt Golueke May 8, 2018 13:09 PM

Why are Incident Response Plans (IRP) essential?

Whether in companies, government agencies, or public institutions – the need for reliable security technology is at a record high. Along with technology solutions, Commend fully supports ASHEPARActive Shooter Hostile Event Preparedness And Response.

Establishing action plans for life-critical situations helps protect vulnerable individuals and contain the threat when every second counts.

Get answers to important questions:

  • ASHEPAR explained
  • Why risk mitigation is so important
  • How to use NFPA 3000 as a guideline
  • How to find compliant equipment
  • IRP: Functionality and added value for everyday situations
  • 7 important hints for security managers

Commend NFPA 3000 White Paper image paperback

Request your copy of the white paper here





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