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Continual Improvement

Matt Golueke July 5, 2018 15:09 PM


When it comes to security, there's always room for improvement.

This week, Markus Wierny, Bosch's Head of Product Management in Nürnberg, Germany for camera firmware, video analytics, central software components, and ONVIF, joined our team at several meetings across the Washington, DC region. The purpose of the meetings varied, however, the theme was always the same: there's always more to learn about security technology and better strategies for the future.

IMG_4006Markus is a wealth of knowledge, not just about Bosch, but about all things related to security and how it's deployed in various environments from commercial retail analytics to airports to government buildings. Even Markus was there to learn. He heard first-hand from end users  how they're using today's security technologies in new and innovative ways to solve their challenges and what they think they will need in the future out of their security systems.

So, if your organization didn't get to meet Markus, have you lost out on an opportunity? Not a chance. Our team uses the new information and strategies in planning meetings and on projects moving forward with all of our partners.

It's never to late to learn and never to early to plan ahead.

Contact our team to get started.

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