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What is the difference between 4CIF, 720p, 1080p, & 5MP resolution?

Matt Golueke October 10, 2014 21:01 PM

Camera_Resolution_Comparison_video_thumbnailIP Camera resolution is continuing to improve.  The most common resolution options available today are 4CIF, 720p, 1080p, and 5 mega pixel (MP). Selection of the perfect resolution for your application depends on a few factors:

  • Available bandwidth
  • Storage space available
  • Network capablity
  • Budget
  • Low light capability

This video will show you the difference between these four resolutions.


This video will help you understand how resolution impacts the network and your budget.


Images_Per_Second_Comparison_video_thumbnailClick here for the frame rate comparison video


Axis_vs_Bosch_Low_Light_Shootout_9-2014_Final_ComparisonWhat exactly is Starlight ultra-low-light?  Learn more about it here





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