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Demonstrating New Voice Communication Technology: Commend

Nick Hoyt August 25, 2017 12:15 PM

Commend is rolling out a new, completely updated demonstration kit.

The new demonstration capabilities allow end users and security integrators to better experience intercom and public address technologies.

Highlights include:

  • New Master Stations
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Security Console Site Survey: Design and Replace a Desk

Nick Hoyt December 9, 2016 19:36 PM

A proper work space is often the last consideration when deploying a security solution.

We find ad hock work spaces such as old desks, counter tops, or even folding tables being used to support 24x7x365 operations.

Nick Hoyt was asked to visit a...

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First things first. We're not always off to a complicated demonstration.

Nick Hoyt November 22, 2016 15:20 PM

Most of the time, a Proof of Concept Demonstration is preceded by many meetings.

Relationships and strategic planning develop trusted partnerships. From there we move on to the opportunity to provide a Proof of Concept demonstration.

When it's...

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Rick Buehler's Trying Sit-Stand for Himself

Nick Hoyt November 16, 2016 14:27 PM

Sit-Stand Desks are Increasing in Popularity

It's no secret that sitting at your desk all day can have a significant impact on your physical and mental wellbeing. Today's workforce is getting upright and finding ways to fight against rising...

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Meet Matt Golueke

Nick Hoyt December 21, 2015 14:01 PM

If you've watched our videos, read our blog posts, or follow us on social media, then you've already connected with Matt . . . perhaps without knowing it.


In the video below, Nick Hoyt digs a little deeper 'behind the scenes' to understand what...

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Bosch Dinion IP 4000 & 5000 Introduction

Nick Hoyt January 15, 2016 16:38 PM

Security camera technology is in a state of rapid change...

This week Bosch announced the release of a new series of "HD bullet cameras" with the launch of the Dinion 4000 and 5000 Series.

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High Performance 24x7x365 Security Grade Display Monitors

Nick Hoyt August 9, 2015 18:58 PM

Nick Hoyt is expanding on his EIZO display product update from last week with this closer look at the EIZO DuraVision and FlexScan series of high performance 24x7x365, security grade display monitors.

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Monitor with Built-in ONVIF IP Camera Decoder

Nick Hoyt August 4, 2015 11:58 AM

We recently brought the "Monitor Basics in Plain English" resource library of documents and educational videos to you courtesy of EIZO, leading manufacturer of 24x7x365, security grade, monitor displays.

In this video, Nick Hoyt discusses EIZO's...

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The difference between True Online Double Conversion UPS and Line Interactive UPS

Nick Hoyt June 16, 2015 13:02 PM
What's the difference between True Online Double Conversion UPS and Line Interactive UPS?


Nick Hoyt fills us in on the differences and provides a clever comparison demonstration in conjunction with Orion Power Systems.



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