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Staff, Officers, & Assets: Security Escort Monitoring

Matt Golueke April 25, 2018 14:29 PM

Pinpoint location in real time of your staff, security officers, and/or assets is often necessary for safety and security.

Security_Escort_Uses.jpgHow would you like to know not only the "what" (hold-up/duress/man-down/patient tracking/asset movement), but also the "where" (accurate location marking on a map of your facility) of alarm events involving mobile persons or property?

A unique, patented, and proven solution for alerting security personnel to not only the event that is taking place, but also exactly where that event is occurring so help can be dispatched immediately to that specific location.

Security Escort PowerPoint

The aging population of baby boomers is causing a dramatic increase in elder care and assisted living facilities. These facilities can benefit greatly from this technology and it deserves attention. This system is unique and provides you with a great competitive advantage. 

Common Applications

  • Corrections
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Museums

What is Security Escort?

Security Escort is a wireless help / call system that allows you to locate and track people or assets throughout the coverage area. Whether you need to provide personal security or manage assets such as computers, equipment, or artwork, Security Escort is the reliable total solution you’ve been looking for!

Who is Security Escort for?

  • Personal protection on campuses
  • Man-down and guard tour features for correctional facilities
  • Asset tracking in museums and financial institutions
  • Patient/resident monitoring in hospitals, assisted living facilities and adult communities
  • Monitoring cash runners at sports and entertainment venues
  • Public safety in Courthouses

An array of transmitters along with numerous system options and ease of use make Security Escort the ideal resource for virtually any user

How does Security Escort work?

This system responds to signals that are initiated either automatically or manually by a transmitter. The signal is relayed through the system to the main computer and up to eight additional workstations. Signals are then actively tracked to provide up-to-the-minute information for alarm response management. With Security Escort, you get all the tools you need for individualized security and instantaneous alarm notification, plus automatic location updates. It easily integrates into pre-existing CCTV and paging systems. The pager feature gives automatic notification of alarm signals to authorized personnel. Provide peace of mind by supplying your facility with timely, effective response to any situation.

How do I use Security Escort?

Your Security Escort system is easily controlled through user-friendly software that truly makes Security Escort the superior choice for a complete security solution. The system is maintained through the Central Console, which consists of one or two computers with up to eight workstations. The Windows®-based software is quite intuitive and requires very little training. System operators use basic single-clicks and pull-down menus to access system functions and features. The ease of operation greatly reduces the opportunity for user error, adding to the reliability of the Security Escort system for any application.

The Details

Case Studies

Case studies that show how it is being used and by whom. Security Escort is very popular in the healthcare, education, corrections and sectors and has been proven in installations for over a decade.

Our team can show you how it works, how it can make your facility more secure, allow you to take advantage of drastically reduced response times to events, and know exactly where people or assets are located in real time.

We can provide you with system design assistance and lists of certified installers that can provide you with quotes. Contact us here.


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